Welcome to Mrs Ramunno’s Blog.

Welcome to Mrs Ramunno’s blog.

We are learning about gardens. We will focus on some gardens in Asia.




This is a photo of my family. In my class we read the story Finding Joy. It was about a family who adopted a baby from China. We used a Venn Diagram to find similarities and differences  with our family and that of Joy’s family.


What are some things that money does not buy?

How do you save money?

Campaigns-Cambodian Mountains

The Melbourne Zoo is connecting with Cambodia to help save their beautiful mountains and its wildlife.

What are the connections that are important for us to consider?

How does it help us to think about our responsibility to living things in other parts of the world?

Little Earth Charter


looking after our world with the Charter.

Chinese Vegetable Garden

take a look at this clip about  unusual Chinese vetetables

Connections-Gardens in Asia

have a look at these images in tag galaxy

( type in Asian Gardens to retrieve the garden images of Asia)

Seeing Themes

  1. What are some of the connections that we see about gardens in Asia?
  2. What images presented in the ball match those from our main theme about plants?

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